To login with your Google account, go to Log In and find the "Sign-In with Google" button below.    You can also use an XSEDE, ORCID, or any other organization account found in the "Look-up your organization" field.

Once logged in, go to "File Manager" and click on the Collection field (-- start here, select a collection --):

This will lead you to a search field where you should enter, "cisuser#carnegiescience", and select the result:

There you'll enter your Memex username/password (working on DUO integration now) :

On the right side of the File Manager, find and enter a destination endpoint in the same way (your username/password will change if it's not Memex).  Once connected to two endpoints, one on the right and left side, you can drag and drop between them. 

Note, both endpoints can be Memex, just change paths appropriately.

To setup Globus on your desktop/laptop install Globus Connect Personal and follow these instructions.

Also, please consider these options at the bottom of your "File Manager" screen:

** Unless specified, file transfers are NOT encrypted. If you need transfers to be encrypted, you must enable encryption using the options above.