These instructions are applicable for the following conference rooms:

  • DPB Library
  • DPB Solarium
  • DGE Main Conference Room
  • DGE Small Conference Room
  • DGE Small Lounge

Connect to Display 

1. Turn on the projector or TV Monitor. 

    For Rooms with projectors, use Input HDMI1.
    For Rooms with TV Monitors, use Input HDMI2.

2. Plug in HDMI to your computer.

(Optional) Connect to Sound, Camera, and Clicker for Zoom or Video Conference

3. Plug in USB to computer. 

    USB is required for Mic, Speakers, Camera and Clicker!

4. Join/start video conference.

5. Check audio settings on video conference client: microphone and speakers need to be set to ‘Trio8500’.

    This will make sure the Polycom works as both Mic input and Speaker output for your meeting

6. Check video settings on video conference client: Camera needs to be set to Logitech Camera.

When you are done

7. Turn off the room's projector or TV monitor.

8. Unplug both HDMI and USB from your computer. Please leave behind any adapters and devices that are not yours.