Scanning and faxing both utilize our printer's Scan to Email capability.

Before we begin, you will need an email address to send to.  For faxing take the fax number (including the country code), and append to the end.  For example,, where the initial "1" is the US country code

  1. Load your document onto the flat bed or Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) of the HP printer you wish to use. Tap the screen to wake the printer from sleep. On the home screen, select Scan.

  2. On the next screen, tap Email.

  3. To search for an email in our directory: Select the search icon (magnifying glass)
    To Fax or manually enter an email: Select "Enter Email Address" field, then proceed to Step 4b

  4. To Search for an Email: Use the keyboard to enter a part of first or last name. Then tap Search.

    4a. Select from the search results. You can also select the back button to refine your search.

    4b. For manual email entry and/or faxing:
    Use the keyboard to enter the destination email.

    To Fax: <full fax number, beginning with country code> 
    For example:, where  "1" is the US country code. 

    Then click Done

  5. Verify your email is correct. Select Send

  6. Wait for all the pages of your document to finish scanning. Take your documents with you. When it completes, the printer will send the scans to the email you supplied in Step 5.