How do I backup my Memex data?

We do NOT have a central backup in place for user data.  However, you can backup your critical data to Google Drive using the “rclone” tool on Memex. 

Here's a video on how to setup for Google Drive:

Here are examples of how to use Rclone(link is external) commands:

$ rclone ls remote:path
$ rclone copy /local/path remote:path # copies /local/path to the remote 
$ rclone sync /local/path remote:path # syncs /local/path to the remote

Also, please don't use spaces for the names of your Google Drive backups!  For example, if you're backing up a directory or file, please make a path with no spaces on GDrive (i.e. rclone sync /home/user/bio GDrive:biobackup).  If you have issues, please submit a ticket to