If you need to print a document with sensitive information, you probably don't want anything confidential sitting on a shared printer before you can retrieve your print job. You can, however, protect the print jobs you send by using the secure print method feature available on all Brother MFCs and the Admin Copier in the mailroom. This method requires the user to set up a name and passcode to be entered at the printer before the job will print. 

Note: Make sure you have the proper drivers installed for the printer. 

To secure print from a Windows to a Brother printer, refer to the following instructions: 

  1. When you are ready to send your document to the printer, go to File > Print or use the keyboard shortcut control + P to prompt the print dialog. Note: if you are using a browser to print documents, the browser might have its own print dialog. There should be an option to Print Using the System Dialog that you can click on to get the screenshots in the next steps.
  2. Select the Printer, and then click on Preferences:

  3. Brother's Printing Preferences should pop up. Select the Advanced Tab, then click Settings next to Secure Print:

  4. A little box will pop up. Select the Secure Print checkbox. Then, fill in the password. If you choose to use custom settings, fill in user and job names. When done, click OK. 

  5. The Brother Printing Preferences will appear again. Click Ok.

  6. The original Print dialog from step 2 will appear. If you are ready to send your document to the printer, click Print. If you have more than one document to print, you can repeat steps 1-5 until you've sent all documents to the printer.

  7. When you are ready to retrieve your print job(s), walk over to the printer. On the display panel (you might have to tap it a few times for it to wake up), tap on the Secure Print icon.

  8. Look for your username in the list, and select it:

  9. Select Print

  10. Indicate the number of copies you want and then tap OK:

  11. Then press the start button, and wait for your secure documents to print