The DPB/DGE VPN provides remote access to Carnegie's internal network from around the world. 

NOTE: As of May 18, 2019, there will be separate VPNs for Admin and Science groups. Take careful note of which of the VPN addresses you'll need in Step . If you are not sure which VPN to use, please contact the helpdesk.

To setup the DPB/DGE VPN on your Android device, do the following:

  1. Download the Forticlient VPN App from Google Play Store
  2. Open the Forticlient VPN App, and make sure to accept permissions
  3. Forticlient will ask you to create a VPN tunnel (connection) as soon as it opens. Give your connection a name (DPB and/or DGE VPN) and choose the SSL VPN Type. Then tap Create.

  4. In the settings page, assign the following: 
    Username: Carnegie Account Username (without the
    Check Server Certificate: Disabled
    Server: set to one of the VPN's addresses:

    For scientists and researchers, use the
     Science VPN addresses:

    For administrative and support staff, use the Admin VPN addresses.

    Then, tap the back arrow icon in the upper left hand corner.

  5. When you see DPB/DGE VPN with the Forticlient shield, you'll be ready to connect. Tap on the green Connect button.

  6. You will be prompted for a password. Enter your Carnegie Account password. Then tap Login
    Note: you can have the connection save your password AFTER you've successfully connected. See Steps 10-11

  7. You will prompted for a Duo authentication. Choose your authentication method, and tap OK. 


  8. Approve or enter the duo passcode.

  9. You are now connected! If you don't mind being prompted for your password every time you connect, you're all set. If you'd like to save your password, go ahead and disconnect and follow steps 10-12. 

  10. You'll see the VPN and Forticlient shield page again. Tap the Settings button.

  11. You'll notice there are a few more options, including password. Tap on the password field and then enter your Carnegie Account Password and tap OK.


  12. Tap the back arrow to get back to the VPN page again. Tap the green connect button and follow the prompts. A good indicator that you're connected is to check the dropdown menu. You should see both Forticlient and Android System telling you your connection status: