The DPB/DGE VPN provides remote access to Carnegie's internal network from around the world.

To setup the DPB/DGE VPN:

  1. Download and install FortiClient from
  2. Open FortiClient either from the Start Menu (Windows) or the Applications Folder (Mac)

  3. From the menu on the left, select the "Remote Access" tab

  4. Select the gear icon next to the "VPN Name" dropdown and select "Add a new connection"

  5. Ensure the "VPN Type" is "SSL VPN", name the VPN, and set the "Remote Gateway" to one of the VPN's addresses:

  6. Check the "Save Login" button and enter your username.  Click "Add"
  7. Enter in your password, and click "Connect".  The options for "Save Credentials", "Auto Connect", and "Always Up" will appear only after your first successful connection.

  8. Duo 2-Factor will always ask you to verity the connection.  Either select the method for 2-factor authentication, or provide a code generated from either the Duo app or your assigned token.

  9. You are now connected to the VPN