Please use the following instructions to connect your laptop to the projector in the Seminar Room:

  1. Turn on the projector. Pick up the white remote and press the blue power button, point at projector. Please refrain from pressing any of the buttons on the projector itself. Let the projector warm up.
  2. Make sure the receiver in the back is also on. Pick up the black remote and press power, making sure to point the remote towards the back cabinet until you see the receiver turn on.
  3. Plug in the computer via HDMI. A minidisplayport to HDMI adapter should always be available at the podium. (If there is no adapter, please notify IT.)
  4. Your screen should automatically be projected onto the screen. If you're still getting a blue or blank screen, make sure that the projector input is on HDMI_
  5. If you're still having trouble, please contact IT
When you are finished with the projector, please make sure that you power off the projector and the receiver. Please also refrain from walking away with the minidisplayport adapter, and remember to place it back on the podium before leaving.