There are available calendars to help facilitate use and reservations for DPB/DGE Rooms and Resources. You can find all available calendar resources directly from the Google Calendar and choose which appear in your own Calendar view.

if you would like to view the calendars separately, there is a 'preview icon' you can use in the Resources list

If you want more information than this tutorial offers, Google has extensive documentation.


There have been instances where people have unknowingly double-booked a reservation for some calendars, and the instructions below should help prevent that from happening in the future.  Please note that calendars the automatically decline any new reservation requests that conflict with pre-existing events/reservations.

  1. Open Google Calendar. Ensure you are logged into your Carnegie account.
  2. Click on the Create button in the upper left hand corner. When a small window appears, fill out a title, desired date/time, and click More Options

  3. Adjust the time and description as needed. Please also make sure that 'Show me as' option is set to Busy so that this will apply to the room and/or resource you are trying to reserve. On the right, click on Guests and enter participant emails in the provided field. 


  4. Next to Guests, click on Rooms. You can either search for a room in the provided field or click on DPB or DGE to reveal rooms within those categories. You can also click DPB/DGE to reserve resources. Tip: to prevent any possibility of double booking or your event being automatically declined, make sure to select 'Show available rooms only.'  Click on the calendar(s) you want to reserve.

  5. The room should now appear under list of Participants. If you are booking a room, you should find the location has been automatically filled as well. When you're ready, click Save

  6. You should be redirected back to your calendar and you should see that your reservation is listed under all applicable calendars, yours included.