When writing a data management plan for a grant proposal, your DMP should include all of the following details

  • What types of data you plan to acquire, including estimates for how much data will be acquired (if possible)
  • How the data will be acquired or generated
  • How data integrity will be ensured.  For DPB/DGE IT systems, we ensure data integrity by using RAID level 6 (dual-parity) as well as monthly parity checks on all local infrastructure.
  • What metadata will be used to identify and describe acquired and generated data
  • How data will be retained and preserved, and for how long.  While IT systems are designed to store data in perpetuity to the best of our ability, your project could potentially delete files from our systems which would eventually be removed from backups and disaster recovery systems as those systems' snapshot and backup schedules are processed.  Project lifetime + 10 years is recommended, although a minimum of 2 years may be acceptable to some granting agencies.  Having different retention times based on data classification (like the above) is also recommended.
  • What data will be made available to the public and to the scientific community, and how will it be done