If you are a member of a Google Group, you can invite others to join the group as well*** 

If the group is not set up so members can invite others to join, please refer to our Request Membership to a Google Group tutorial

Go to groups.carnegiescience.eduIn the search bar, you can search for the name of the group. In this example, we'll look for the Stanford Plant List.

Click on the name of the group in the search results and you'll be redirected the group's home page. Click on Manage

On the right hand menu under Members, click on Invite

Fill out the form and include a message, then click Send Invites. If you don't include a message, it will not send.

Once the invites are sent, the recipients will have one week to accept. If they don't accept within that one week time period, you might need to resend the invites. Once they accept, they'll be able to receive emails from the group.

***This is true only for mailing lists that are not directly and automatically handled by security groups within IT. For example, for Department of Plant Biology and Department of Global Ecology department lists, you would not be able to invite outside members. Those are lists handled exclusively by IT and Active Directory, not Google Groups.