Most modern SSH clients have strict host key checking enabled, that verifies the host key against the cache of the host key from the last time you connected.  If there is a difference, it displays a (very scary) warning.

If you are unsure if a host key has changed, please submit a new ticket.  To remove the cached host key:


The warning will display the file and line where the cached host key was found.  For example:

Offending RSA key in /Users/ghuntress/.ssh/known_hosts:201

means /Users/ghuntress/.ssh/known_hosts on line 201

To remove the cached host key, enter the following command (where $LINENUM is the line number and $FILE is the file from your warning)

sed -i -e '${LINENUM}d' $FILE

To use the original example, the command would be:

sed -i -e '201d' /Users/ghuntress/.ssh/known_hosts


When the security alert window appears, click yes.