Active Directory is Carnegie's authoritative source for User and Group definitions.  Users and Groups defined in Active Directory can be used for permissions and sharing within both Carnegie's computational systems as well as in Google Apps.

Typically, Active Directory Groups are managed by departmental IT staff, although the permission to manage groups can be delegated to power users if a need arises.  If you choose to manage your own group, please request permission to do so from your departmental IT staff.

To manage a group in Active Directory

  1. Connect to RDS (Instructions: WindowsMac)

  2. In the Start menu, click on "Administrative Tools", and select "Active Directory Users and Computers"

  3. Browse or search the "" domain for the group you have pemission to manage.  All groups can be found under the "Departments" OU.  Double-click on the group to get it's properties

  4. In the "Members" tab, you can add and remove members of the group.