The Remote Desktop Service, second edition (RDS2) provides a virtual desktop for running a variety of Windows applications.

  1. In the Start/Windows menu, go to "All Programs", and under "Windows Accessories" select "Remote Desktop Connection".  Alternatively you can search for "mstsc.exe"

  2. Enter one of RDS2's server addresses, and then click on "Show Options"
    * Server Address:
    * the -su can be dropped if your on the VPN
    * dge can be substituted for dpb, and ciw can be substituted for carnegiescience

  3. Enter your username in the format of either "AD\username" or
  4. Click the checkbox to save credentials

  5. Optionally, click the "Save As..." button to save this setup to a file
  6. Click the "Connect" button
  7. When asked if you trust the connection, you can optionally check the checkbox to not be asked again. Click on the "Connect" button

  8. When asked to verity the server's identity certificate, you can optionally check the "Don't ask me again" checkbox.  Click on the "Yes" button

  9. You are now connected to RDS2