About OriginPro

OriginPro is a data analysis and graphing software package that connects to with Excel, MATLAB, LabView, and more


The OriginPro software installers and serial number are available on in the DPB/DGE Shared folder on Google Drive.  Make sure to download both the installer and the serial number.

Direct Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B7cVOFEEFAK2OVl5N2ZnOHA3NGM


  1. Double click on the Orign2016Sr2No_H.exe installer.
  2. Proceed through the install
  3. When prompted, provide the serial number contained in the OriginPro Serial Number.txt
  4. Continue with the install process


  1. Run OriginPro 2016 as Administrator (right-click, run as Administrator)
  2. OriginPro should immediately ask for licensing information.  If not, you can go to the Help menu -> About Origin -> License...
  3. Set the licensing server to licensing-su.dpb.carnegiescience.edu
  4. If successful, the message "Your licensing information has been updated" will be displayed.