Memex utilizes the SLURM scheduler for managing the use of computing resources in the cluster.  SLURM provides users with the ability to launch an interactive session that utilizes resources on one or more compute nodes.  In general, interactive sessions are not recommended unless a particular code or workflow requires interactivity.

To launch an interactive session on one or more Memex compute nodes requires the use of several flags to a `srun` command.  Specifically:

  • --pty - This requests that the srun session connect to the session launched in the cluster
  • bash -i - Run this as the "command" in the srun call.  This runs the bash shell, but forces it into interactive mode.

For example, to run an interactive session on a Memex compute node, requesting 8 cores and 16GB of memory, the full call would be:

srun -p <department_partition> -c 8 --mem 16000 --pty bash -i