Carnegie provides a Time Machine compatible server for backing up data stored on your computer.

Please node that this service is NOT intended to backup large amounts of data.  Critical scientific data and datasets should always be stored on either Data or Google Drive.

  1. Connect to the TimeMachine Share on Backups
    1. Click on the Finder icon in the dock 

    2. In the "Go" menu, select "Connect to Server"
    3. Connect to afp://
      You can replace dge with dpb, and/or carnegiescience with ciw

    4. Enter your Carnegie username and password (e.g. ghuntress)
  2. Setup Time Machine to backup to Backups
    1. Click on the Apple Menu, and select "System Preferences"
    2. Open the "Time Machine" preferences
    3. Click on the "Select Disk" button
    4. Select "TimeMachine" on the Backups server and click on the "Use Disk" button

    5. Your computer will now backup to Backups when able to connect to the server