Carnegie provides a Windows Backup compatible server for backing up data stored on your computer.

Please note that this service is NOT intended to backup large amounts of data.  Critical scientific data and datasets should always be stored on either Data or Google Drive.

  1. Map your Share on Backups
    1. Click on the "Start" Menu and select "File Explorer"
    2. From the Ribbon, click on "Map Network Drive"
    3. Select a drive letter, check the "Reconnect at sign-in" checkbox, and check the "Connect using Different Credentials" checkbox
    4. Set the Folder to \\\Windows\<your_username> (e.g. \\\Windows\ghuntress)
      You can replace dge with dpb, and/or carnegiescience with ciw
    5. Make sure to use your Carnegie Active Directory account to log in.  The Windows username format is: AD\<your_username> (e.g. AD\ghuntress).  You may need to select "User another account" if a local computer or cloud account is the default.
    6. Check the "Remember my credentials" checkbox so your computer won't prompt you for credentials when making a backup.
    7. Click "OK".  Your Share on Backup should now be mapped
  2. Setup File History to Share on Backups
    1. Click on the "Start" Menu, select "Settings"
    2. Click on "Update and Security"
    3. Select "Backup" from the menu on the left hand side
    4. Click on "Add a drive"
    5. Select your Share from Backups.  File history will automatically enable itself
    6. File History will now periodically backup your files to Backups when able to connect to the server